New Patients

Your first appointment with Physio is your most important one, it’s where the magic happens. Make sure to fill out and bring in your medical history/screening form with you (download forms available below), along with comfortable clothing. If your problem is in the neck or shoulder, ladies should bring a tank top along or wear a sports bra to make the area easier to examine. To make examination easier: (ladies only) please bring along a sports bra or tank top if your problem is in the neck or shoulder area or (ladies and gentleman) shorts if your problem is in the low back or lower extremities (hip, knee or ankle). Please also make sure to bring along your insurance card and any relevant medical prescriptions such as X-rays, MRIs, or any other tests related to your health.

Your Physio will go over your medical history along with your current problems/complaints. Next step will be an objective evaluation which will include a combination of the following: observation, palpation, range of motion (ROM), muscle testing, neurological screening, special tests, gait analysis, functional analysis, posture assessment.

After your initial one-on-one assessment, your Physio will discuss your treatment options with you. Remember that we work together at Physio, so unlike other clinics, you will be involved in creating a plan that suits you best.

At Physio, you never have to work with an intern, aid, or assistant. You will always receive highly personalized and professional hands-on care directly from an experienced certified specialist. Most procedures are covered by insurance.